Queens Windsor Castle To Be Protected By A No Fly Zone

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Queens Windsor Castle To Be Protected By A No Fly Zone Met Police have announced.

The Metropolitan Police have announced that the Queen will be protected by a no fly zone at Windsor Castle.

The news comes after a video of a masked man holding a crossbow claimed to have broken into Windsor Castle and made threats to kill Her Majesty the Queen.

The no fly zone will be in force to restrict unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and aircrafts from flying under 2,500′ and within a 1.5 mile radius of the Queens castle.

The news comes as a new restricted airspace order had been requested by the police to protect the 95 year old monarch.

The new restrictions will give powers to scramble Royal Air Force jets to intercept any aircraft flying within the new restricted zone.

It is believed the Queens safety wasn’t in jeorpady during the break-in but security assigned to protecting the Queen feel the new measures will assist in protecting the castle and Her Majesty from any potential harm from above.

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