Aerial Filming Photography

Alpine Sky Aerial Surveys

Alpine Sky obtain footage and photographs of properties that very much increase the saleable image of any property.

The high definition footage provides an overall view of the property and its land, and gives the perfect view of the surrounding area and features, allowing prospective buyers to get a life like feel of the property without even visiting.

Along with the high resolution aerial images, this is likely to increase the number of viewings, and in turn increase the speed of sale, and hopefully the sale price of the property.

Using the latest in DJI OSMO technology, we also capture internal footage that shows off the properties size and features that will never be shown in still photographs and brochures. Buyers are more likely to be captured with edited footage of a property, than by written details alone, and no longer does this require expensive aircrafts to obtain the footage or aerial images, it can be achieved in just a few hours, and for a fraction of the estate agents rates.

Our trained and certified UAV pilots will undertake the initial ground flight assessment, obtain the required aviation permissions, and conduct the flight in accordance with the CAA regulations, thus confirming that the project is undertaken in a safe and legal manner.

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