Alpine Sky are professional aerial filming and surveying specialists covering the Midlands & the South of England.

We are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved, and Drone Safe registered in order that we can undertake domestic, commercial and industrial surveys and filming legally and safely. Furthermore, we are also fully qualified building surveyors.

We are able to operate our drones to a height of 400 feet, thus allowing us to film almost any structure. Combined with our decades of property and land surveying experience, we are the first choice for aerial filming and surveying of both properties and land for assessment and marketing purposes.

We are able to remove the costly scaffolding and access charges usually associated with such building inspections, more importantly we reduce the levels of risk associated with manually inspecting buildings at height.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Drones

What drones do you use?

We use a variety of equipment to conduct our aerial surveys. One of the manufacturers we use and is more familiar, is the DJI range, in particular the DJI Enterprise range of drones, which, allow for more flexibility and features

Are you insured?

Absolutely, we are fully covered by Dronesafe. For more information please view our certification age

Will the noise of the drone disturb anyone?

Not particularly. When on the ground preparing to launch the propellers can give off an audible “buzzing” sound but it is not loud enough to disturb animals nearby or people for that matter.

How long does the aerial survey take?

The aerial survey of your property can take between 1 – 3 hours depending on the size off the property and what footage you need to capture, or if there is a specific area of concern.

Our cameras provide footage in 4k and 30 fps, or Full HD 1080p and 120 fps. We can obtain still images at 12 megapixels, or obtain stills from the footage recorded.

The live footage is transmitted back to the pilot, in order that we can see exactly what the drone views as we fly.

We provide a complete editing service of the footage obtained, or alternatively the raw data can be provided. In short, this is the perfect low cost and low risk method for surveying domestic, commercial and industrial properties and for providing the ultimate marketing footage, or stills as required.

We strive to provide the very best service available, using the latest APP based survey and reporting systems, surveyors and pilots with at least 28 years of experience.

  • CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved Pilots
  • Drone Safe registered
  • Latest DJI technology for high definition footage and stills
  • Surveyors & pilots with a minimum of 28 years experience
  • We are safer than manual methods and reduce the risks
  • We are less expensive than manual methods
  • Fully insured with £5m Public Liability Cover

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